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After Hours Maintenance


After Hours Maintenance

It’s never a good time when the power goes out or a toilet doesn’t work but when it happens on a weekend or a public holiday, it makes things just that little bit harder.  

Before picking up the phone, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure the hefty after-hours rates are kept to a minimum.


  • Check the circuit board, are there any tripped breakers that need to be reset.           
  • Unplug any whitegoods or other appliances plugged into power points and try resetting the tripped switch at the circuit board.
  • Start plugging things back in and turn them on ONE by ONE to see if the power trips again. If you find the culprit, determine if this needs to be reported as general maintenance or an emergency. 
  • If it’s found that one of your appliances is causing the power outage and an electrician attends after-hours, you could be liable for the whole invoice.
  • If there aren’t any tripped breakers, check if Power & Water are reporting outages in your area.

If you have more than 1 toilet in the property, it would not be considered an emergency if one is blocked or broken. Contact your Property Manager during business hours should this occur. 

Locked out
If you lock yourself out of your property after hours, this is NOT considered any emergency.  You will need to contact a locksmith to gain access to the property 

After hours maintenance that is considered, an emergency is

  • Burst water service
  • Gas leak
  • Fault/damage likely to cause injury
  • Burst water service
  • Gas leak
  • Serious roof leak
  • Electrical shock/fault
  • Unable to secure property 

Our team will always work with you should an emergency repair be required after hours.  You should call your property manager first before calling the contractors listed in your lease agreement.  By taking a few extra steps along the way, it may save an after-hours call out or getting assistance that bit faster.