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Taking care of pools during the dry season


Taking care of pools during the dry season

While the Top End enjoys some spectacular weather during this time of year, we sometimes forget about pools as let’s be honest…’s far too cold to get into the water during the dry season!

We asked our friends at Calypso Pools what their top 5 tips are for looking after pools during the dry.

Pay attention to water levels.
If you let the water level drop past where it should be, you run the risk of burning out the motor of the pool pump.

Emptying pumps and skimmer baskets regularly.
Blockages could cause damage to pumps costing you more than time if you don't do it regularly.

Regular basic maintenance.
This is a must as the quality and cleanliness of your pool reduces costly repairs or the chance of irritation to sensitive areas like ears and eyes.

Water testing by a professional pool store monthly to ensure correct chemical balance.
This ensures the right chemicals are used to sanitise and balance the water.

Run times and output can usually be dropped over the cooler months.
Just make sure you turn them back up once the weather heats up again!

The build-up will be here sooner than we want, so following these 5 tips will ensure that your pool is in quality condition when the humidity hits.