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Meet one half of the successful leadership team at Now Leasing NT


Meet one half of the successful leadership team at Now Leasing NT


What is your role at Now Leasing NT?
Principal and Business Owner

How long have you been in Real Estate?
23 years now I believe.

What is the biggest difference in going from a Property Manager to owning your own agency?
Managing staff and learning that you must work on the business and not just in the business. It requires more work than most people think because its almost all behind the scenes and not seen by others.


Best business advice you’ve ever been given?
That I must work on the business and get better at delegating.

What do you look for when hiring new employees?
Attitude and enthusiasm – Property Management is not rocket science and can be taught but the person must be able to manage time well and juggle several things at once. 

Best piece of tech introduced for Property Management?
Lol – because I’ve been around since Adam was a boy, the mobile phone definitely has changed the lives of property managers. 

What does the future look like for Now Leasing NT?
We have a clear vision for the next 5 years. Slow and steady growth while remaining focussed on our current client base whilst maintaining a happy and balanced team environment. We have always said we have no desire to be the biggest but to always provide consistent personalised service to our clients and tenants.

The most important question of the day, what is your most-used emoji?
The smiley and the wink