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Tenant Quick Tips #3 Decorating Damage Free


Tenant Quick Tips #3 Decorating Damage Free

Renting a property does not mean that decorating and making the space your own is a no-go! While renovations and structural changes are out of the question, there are still things you can do. The best part – they are generally low cost and easy to do!

Here are our top three ways to add your own personal touch to your rental:

TIP 1: Plants
It is amazing what a bit of greenery and some fresh flowers can do to a space. Not only can adding some potted plants to your interior bring life into the space, but they also add a feeling of stability and permanency. They also have amazing benefits like purifying the air, reducing stress and promoting restful sleep! Just be sure to always place a saucer under pots with drainage.

TIP 2: Personalise
Make the space your own by adding photos of friends and family to the hall table, some travel mementos to the coffee table or some special art work to the existing hooks. Using personal items in your home can make it feel more like your own.

TIP 3: Loose Floor Coverings
While you can’t rip up the carpet and replace it, you can definitely hide it. By placing a rug under the couch in the living room or a runner in the passage, you can disguise the existing flooring all while adding your own personal touch.