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Day in the Life of a Property Manager


Day in the Life of a Property Manager

One of the things all Property Managers will tell you, is that no two days are ever the same. It is a job that requires flexibility, forward-thinking and exceptional juggling skills! You must be able to hit the ground running and be ready for anything. It is what makes being a Property Manager such an exciting and rewarding career!

From the minute you walk in the office door with your double shot latte in one hand and mobile phone in the other, you must be ready for anything. The morning usually kicks off with a scan of your inbox, sifting through enquiry on vacant property, maintenance requests and those urgent emails that need immediate attention. Once the emails are under control it is time to consult your to-do list for the day.

First job up is routine inspections. You grab the keys required and head out for the scheduled appointments. There are generally 3-4 and this will take the best part of the morning to complete. Once the last routine is finalized it is time to head back to the office and see what awaits!

Maintenance, application processing, rent reviews, appraisals, sending out leases, returning phone calls, lease renewals, advertising, a quick bite to eat, scheduling vacates, checking over entry condition reports, confirming inspections, loading accounts, contacting contractors, and slowly but surely working through the to-do list. Organization is key to a productive day and checklists soon become your best friend as a Property Manager! This ensures all steps are completed and nothing is missed.

Once the later afternoon hits it is time to think about tomorrow. Prepare your to-do list so nothing is missed, make a couple of phone calls, send off a work order here and there and it is time to head out for the afternoons viewing appointments.

You leave the office, your car full of sanitizer, cleaning spray, bin bags, baby wipes and maybe a spare lamp – you know, just in case. Two viewings for the afternoon with many interested parties ensures the quick pace of the afternoon continues. You are excited to call the property owner and give them an update on the turnout and prospect of the applications that will fill your inbox tomorrow when it’s time to do it all again!


The day of a Property Manager can be unpredictable. Tenants can advise of a lease break, a ceiling water pipe can burst or a set of keys can be locked inside! There is never a dull moment and it is a fast paced, vibrant and fulfilling career. Property Management is both challenging and rewarding, where the weeks blur into the weekends – but you do not mind, because you are doing a job you truly love.