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Owner Quick Tips #5


Owner Quick Tips #5

We are heading into the build-up before the wet season in Darwin and things are heating up. It’s that time of year again when we recommend a full clean to all air-conditioning units.

Dirty air-conditioners can cause leaks, noise, bad odours, shorten the lifetime of the unit, potentially affect the warranty AND they just don’t cool like they used to.

Whilst the tenant is responsible for cleaning the filters, we encourage our clients to have the air-conditioners cleaned both internally and the external compressor units annually to keep them operating efficiently. This reduces the risk of issues arising in the build-up and the wet season when long service and attendance delays are experienced. 

We’ve teamed up with local businesses to provide our clients the very best prices and service for annual cleans to AC units in your investment property. We believe it is investing in your investment! 

Now Leasing NT has secured special pricing from 3 of our Airconditioning contractors for NOW Leasing NT clients to choose from.  Contact our team today and they can get the process started for you.