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Tenant Tips #6 Securing your property during the Festive Season


Tenant Tips #6 Securing your property during the Festive Season

Going away this festive season?
Here are some tips to secure your property so you reduce the risk of coming home to an unwanted surprise.


Lock everything

Its essential that all doors and windows are secure before you leave for an extended period. As an extra measure, a week before your planned trip, make sure all the locks are working.

Indoor Activity

Closing curtains or blinds so empty rooms can’t be seen is always a good idea. As an added step leaving certain lights on while away can add an extra layer of perceived activity. Some people take this a step further by putting lights, radios and TV on timers.

Clear mail & rubbish

Nothing says a home is unattended like leaving rubbish for too long or letting mail pile up. Have a conversation with your neighbour, family or friends so they can bring your bins in and clear the mailbox.

Social media

Be careful what you put on social media. Even though its tempting to show everyone you living your best life on Instagram, break ins have occurred by thieves tracking movements on social media.

Be cyclone ready

November to April is the most likely time for cyclones in the Top End. Securing outdoor furniture or anything that might take flight during a cyclone is always a good idea before leaving for holidays.


A way to prevent any water incidents whilst away is turning off the taps at your washing machine and dishwasher. A spare key left with someone you trust also allows access in case of emergency.


Contents Insurance
Always a good idea so should the worst happen, you’re covered.