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COVID kits becoming as essential as your Cyclone Kit


COVID kits becoming as essential as your Cyclone Kit

Everyone in the world is currently affected by COVID and in Australia, it took over holiday plans, changed school schedules and policies, created long waiting lines and supply issues.

Current NT restrictions, mask mandate and what to do if you test positive can all be found here

To try and assist you with being prepared if you do become unwell, some suggestions for your COVID kit are


  •          Paracetamol
  •          Ibuprofen
  •          Electrolyte powder / solutions
  •          Throat lozenges
  •          Tissues
  •    Thermometer
  •    Rapid antigen test kits (if you're lucky enough to find some!)
  •          Long life products in the pantry
  •          Frozen meals or ready meals as cooking maybe a challenge
  •          Cleaning products and disposable gloves
  •         An unlimited plan for your internet and recommendations on what to binge on while recovering

If you have a routine inspection or vacate booked with our office and you become unwell or start presenting with COVID like symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible and we will make arrangements to reschedule.

We appreciate that it can be an anxious time and well-made plans can change very quickly. We are here to help you navigate the process when dealing with your rental property.

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