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How to attract an ideal tenant


How to attract an ideal tenant

Finding an ideal tenant can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating but there are a few things you can do to reduce the time spent searching.


Maintain your property

Over time, your investment property can become tired and need more attention than just wear and tear maintenance.  

When was the last time you painted your property?

Are the light fittings and fixtures in good condition?

Does the garden need to be pruned back and mulched?

These are just some of the areas that prospective tenants take notice of when inspecting. If the market is flooded with choice, a well maintain property stands shoulders above the rest.


Being realistic with your rental price

Nothing turns a tenant off more than inspecting a property that has similar features to others but has an asking price of $150 more.

The property will remain on the market for longer, costing you more money and frustration.

Comparing your investment property to those similar in the market is a good start and finding out what has been rented in the last few weeks will give an indication of current market trends. You may feel that your property has a unique feature that could attract a high value but be aware, you might see it as unique, but the market may not.



A well-presented property with professional marketing photos is two of the best suggestions we can provide. 

The majority of tenants start their search online so it makes sense to have a professional capture your property at its best.  

You also need to ensure that the photos online, translate to what the tenant views at the inspection. 

Darwin’s wet and dry seasons can play havoc with lawns and gardens, they can become overgrown with all the rain or dry out due to the lack of it. First impressions count so keeping on top of garden maintenance is just as essential as the overall internal presentation.  


Lengths of Leases

Short-term leases aren’t always attractive to tenants. Moving house is in the top 5 most stressful things a person can do in their life so having to shift after a short period of time doesn’t always appeal.   


Having a good Property Manager

A good Property Manager is going to communicate with your regularly. They will provide feedback on the presentation of the property, the marketing and asking price as well as conducting a thorough check of a potential tenant’s references.


If you’re thinking of investing and need an agent, NOW Leasing can help you tick all these boxes in your quest in finding the ideal tenant.