What is a Property Manager? 

A Property Manager is a professional who manages real estate properties portfolio on behalf of the owner. A property manager acts on the instruction of the property owner. They are responsible for finding suitable and responsible tenants for the property, rent payments are paid on time, carrying out inspections on the property, reporting to the owner, any maintenance issues are arranged to be fixed as soon as possible, appropriate condition reports are done, vacating inspections are done and any damage or cleaning is rectified, following legislative requirements and compliances and sometimes having a cuppa with a tenant or an owner, just because!

With a whole lot more in between, no two days are the same in Property Management and generally ensuring the property owner receives steady rental returns on their property and it is kept in the best possible condition. 

Property Management is and can be a very rewarding career. It offers flexibility with work hours, the ability to be out and about and on the road and now with cloud based software, the ability to work from almost anywhere. We get to interact with different people every day and build great long term relationships with clients and tenants and also our fabulous tradies who help us along the way.  

Whilst there are many balls to juggle at any given time, Property Management itself isn't rocket science but requires a level of knowledge and experience to be able to do it well and at NOW Leasing NT we want our staff to be exceptional property managers not just "Property Managers"

What is a NOW LEASING NT Property Manager - in the role of Property Manager at NOW Leasing you will manage a portfolio of property end to end, ie. Managing the tenancy and property from beginning to the end of tenancy and everything in between. You are the one point of the contact for the clients and the tenants.  

You will:

  • Advertise the property for lease 
  • Monitor the rental enquiry for your vacant property and who the property to potential new tenants
  • Process applications and seek approval from the owner 
  • Prepare the property for a new tenant and perform an Entry Condition Report
  • Conduct the handover appointment to the new tenants and provide the keys
  • Carry out routine inspections to property the condition of the property to the owner 
  • Manage water meter reads to on charge water usage  
  • Action any maintenance required and liaise with the trades people to do the work 
  • Authorise payment of the accounts for the works 
  • Follow up on any rent arrears and seek payment 
  • Liaise with the owner and tenant and negotiate new lease terms for lease renewals 
  • Manage compliance of smoke alarms and pool fencing as per the NT legislation
  • Manage insurance information and keep up to date for all properties 
  • Manage Water Smart annual inspections 
  • Do drive by's of managed property to ensure yards and gardens are being maintained throughout the year
  • Make calls to clients to give them updates as a proactive service - "no news or good news" call 
  • Manage a tenant providing notice and carry out a vacate inspection
  • Prepare documentation to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act to disburse or manage a tenants bond    
  • Manage the vacancy of property and ensure it is looked after while vacant ie yards mowed pool kept clean and working 
  • And then we start the process all over again :) 

At NOW Leasing NT we are a small team who all know how to do everything in our office. Whilst we have substantial administrative support for our Property Mangers it is important that we all know how do do almost everything from receipting the rents to drafting a lease and carrying out a routine inspection. We each help out when someone is away and can do things we might not necessarily always have too. It makes us versatile and efficient even when we have staff on leave.  

Fundamental Requirements of an EXEPTIONAL Property Manager are: 

Can do Attitude - a positive outlook to the day and the job, love what you do and do what you love :) 

Customer Service Focused - have a genuine commitment to providing outstanding customer service, (seriously, if you are not prepared to go above and beyond for your clients, this is the not the place for you),

Broad Shoulders - You must have broad shoulders and be able to manage many different personalities during times of conflict. 

Ability and WILLINGNESS to communicate on the phone - NOW Leasing NT promise our clients a personalised level of service and it is a NOT Negotiable for our staff to pick up the phone and call our clients and tenants. Follow up with an email if necessary but do not let you total line of communication be emails and absolutely NO texting unless requested by the client 

Ability to be Assertive - you must posses the ability to be firm and assertive when required. Sometimes we have to tell people that they have to pay rent, or need to do more cleaning, everyone's interpretation of clean or fair wear and tear is different. We must be firm but fair.   

Attention to detail - We must see things that others may not. Pick up mistakes in legal documents, see termite tracks on a wall, water damage to a ceiling, cleanliness of a property is paramount. 

Outstanding Time Management - be able to manage a calendar, prioritise multiple urgent things in one day, and be able to make sound judgements under pressure, 

Empathy - One of the most stressful times is when someone is moving house, you must be bale to show and provide empathy and understanding to those who are in difficult times to assist them and make the moving process as seamless as possible. 

Team Mentality - You must be prepared to work as part of a team. there is no "i" in the NOW TEAM. We achieve excellent results because we all help each other in busy times or when we just know some one could do with a hand. Sharing the load or doing an appointment for another staff member because you are in the area can make a huge difference.  

Work Autonomously - a property manager must manage all aspects of the property and therefore there is no one telling you what to do each day, it is the responsibility of the property manager to make sure they care doing everything they need to without a high level of supervision. 

Understanding clients needs - 


We have decades of experience at NOW leasing NT and we are not afraid to share it. The more knowledgeable our team is the better the clients experience. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER CONFIDENCE. If you know your stuff your clients trust you and then your job becomes so much easier.   

We provide an extensive training to our new team members whether they are experienced Property Managers or not. We strive to be and are different to most other agencies so it's about learning to do things the way we do them and not the way they've been done elsewhere. Some of our clients have left "elsewhere" because they were not happy. 

We follow a training schedule to ensure we have shown you absolutely everything we do and how we do it. 

Thinking about becoming a Property Manager 

If you have any questions about becoming a Property Manager, or entering our industry with a view to being involved in Property Management, I welcome you to call me, Joely Sullivan on 0400 477 607. I would be very happy to help anyone enter into our amazing and very exciting industry.   

Joely Sullivan 

Principal and Business Owner 

25 years experience in the industry in both NT and QLD 

[email protected]

0400 477 607