We have provided this information for your convenience and to ensure you are aware of the policies and procedures of our office. Thank you for taking the time to read through this. If you are unsure about any section or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you are unsure about any section or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.



Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm

Please contact your Property Manager to make an appointment as we are not always in the office or available.


Joely Sullivan

Phone: 0400 477 607

E-Mail: [email protected]

Jo Griffiths

Phone: 0418 830 007

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Now Leasing NT offer you online access to your own portal to view your tenancy information. You will be sent a login code within 24 hours of lease commencement via email with a link to the portal. You must activate and seek your password upon receipt of this to be able to access these details online.


The tenancy agreement is a lawfully binding contract between the owner and tenant and is completely enforceable under the Residential Tenancies Act. PLEASE read through the contract thoroughly and if there are ANY questions please ask before you sign this document.


Legislation in the Northern Territory requires all residential premises be fitted with smoke alarms. It is now a requirement that all smoke alarms be the photoelectric type upon the change of or renewal of tenancy after this date.

Additional to this, the alarms must be tested annually or within 30 days of renewal or change of tenancy.

In the event that the lease is terminated prior to its conclusion, it is a requirement that the alarms be tested at the cost of the outgoing tenant. This will be invoiced and payable by the tenant and can / will be deducted from the bond.

It is the tenant/s responsibility to regularly test and ensure the smoke alarms are working at all times during the tenancy.

If a smoke alarm is tested and not working it is the tenant/s responsibility to report this to the property manager immediately.




Landlords are allowed to pass on the full cost of water consumption provided:

The rental premises are individually metered, and The tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water consumption. However, a landlord cannot ask a tenant to pay for charges, levies, rates or taxes that enable the supply of electricity or water to the premises.

Unless otherwise arranged and agreed to in writing, all water usage will be charged after each routine inspection. An initial water meter reading is take and the commencement of lease and then at each routine inspection. Water is charged at the same rate that is payable to Jacana Energy.

An invoice will be sent out at intervals after each routine inspection. The invoice is payable within 30 days.


Power connection can be arranged over the phone with Jacana Energy on 1800 448 894 or online at Jacana Energy Power Connection

Connection Fees apply and can be confirmed directly with Jacana Energy.

It is your responsibility to have electricity connected in your name as of commencement of your lease.

Please arrange for disconnection THE DAY AFTER your scheduled Final Inspection to allow us to clearly determine the state of the property.

It is a condition of your lease that the power remain on for your final inspection.


Properties which require a gas bottle will be provided with a full bottle at the commencement of the lease. Details of the provider are outlined on the bottle. It is the tenant’s responsibility to re-fill the bottle should it become empty.

The bottle needs to be full at the conclusion of the tenancy.


For a landline connection of your telephone contact your telecommunications provider of your choice. It is your responsibility to arrange for rental / purchase of telephone handsets.

Should there be no phone line in place at the property there may be a line connection fee. The owner is not obliged to pay any proportion of this fee.


You must NOT place hooks or make any modifications to the property that potentially damage the property without permission from either the agent or owner in writing. Hooks and modifications should only be installed professionally so that they will sustain the weight for various pictures etc.

We suggest providing a mud map of the room / property indicating the location and quantity of hooks required and this removes any misunderstanding at the end of a tenancy.

If you experience problems with electricity supply or fluctuating electricity to your rental property after our business hours contact Jacana Energy direct on 1800


The property must be maintained in the same condition as when the tenancy commenced.

Some suggestions to assist you:

A plastic mat may be installed under your fridge to avoid damage to the flooring / tears to the linoleum and vinyl or scratches to tiles etc. We recommend floor protectors be placed/fixed under legs of furniture, under indoor plants and in heavy traffic areas i.e. hallways. (Particularly in homes that have polished timber floors) to prevent damage to floors. Place a drip tray or carpet mat in the carport to catch any oil leaks from cars. Oil stains are the tenant’s responsibility and the cost of pressure cleaning oil stains is to be borne by the tenant upon vacation of the premises. Cutting boards must be used on all kitchen benchtops. Do not use abrasive cleansers or bleach products on stone benchtops. Weeding, general pruning, mowing, raking, and removal of dead palm fronds is the tenant’s responsibility. The yards and gardens are the sole responsibility and must be kept in good, clean tidy condition at all times. This includes REGULAR watering and mowing. Irrigation must be monitored constantly throughout the tenancy to ensure the gardens and lawns are kept healthy throughout” any cost for damages caused by neglect or pets (approved or unapproved) shall be the responsibility of the tenant.

In the event that a regular gardener is included in a tenancy, it is agreed by all parties, that the tenant shall remain responsible for ensuring that the yards, gardens, and any irrigation, be kept neat, tidy and in good working order between these gardener visits.

Any invoice issued shall be raised by the agent and made payable by the tenants and must be paid within 14 days of receipt.


Only the approved occupants at the commencement of the tenancy are allowed to reside in the property. Where a change in tenancy occurs it is important to ensure an application is completed and submitted for approval by the owner BEFORE any other person take up residency.


If you experience problems with electricity supply or fluctuating electricity to your rental property after our business hours contact Power and Water Authority direct on 1800 448 894.


The tenant is responsible for purchase of appropriate chemicals and cleaning materials required for the maintenance of pool/spa. A water balance report from any pool shop must be provided to our office at the end of your lease. Under no circumstances, should you empty any pool or spa, water levels must remain full at all time or subsequent damage will be at a cost of yourself.

Pools must be maintained throughout the dry season to avoid damage to the pool shell and / or equipment.


Ensure your car and invited guests cars are parked in the designated areas and not on nature strips or lawn areas. This is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement and failure to comply is a breach of contract and may result in further action.



A Tenant is required to pay rent as agreed in the lease until the lease expires.

Rent must be paid to our office in advance on or before the due date in accordance with your lease. A number of payment options are available including direct debit/transfer payments, personal cheques and Australia Post Money Orders. If you pay your rent by cheque and the cheque is dishonoured, you will be liable to reimburse NOW Leasing NT a dishonour / administration fee of $55.00.

Your rental receipts can be posted or collected from our office with a prior written request.

We do NOT accept cash payment in our office.


The Security Deposit required is equivalent to four (4) weeks rent is required as your Security Deposit before occupying the premises. After vacating a property, please allow 2-3 working days for a final inspection of the premises to be carried out, and refund of your Security Deposit to be processed.

Once processed, we will EFT the refund to your nominated bank account providing we have your written authorisation and instruction (in the case of shared tenancy) as to who’s account it must be deposited.



You have entered into agreement with the owner and the rent is due on or before the due date as per your Residential Tenancy Agreement. In the interests of our clients NOW Leasing NT has a zero tolerance policy for late rent payments. Any tenant in breach of the agreement may be lodged on TICA at the discretion of the Agent / Owner.

Should a tenant be in consistently in arrears without showing any intention of rectification a lodgement with TICA shall be made. Please be advised that any such lodgement can remain visible for up to 7 years in future searches.

Cash payments can NOT be made at our office.

Clearance times between bank transfers are a tenant’s responsibility & not accepted as a valid reason for late payment.



Please email our office a detailed description of the issue. The contractor will contact you to arrange a convenient time to undertake the repairs. Should you require the tradesperson to use office keys you will need to provide us with written permission

You will be copied into any work order request sent to our tradespeople so you are aware the order has been placed and have the contact details for that person for follow up directly with contractor.

It is important you clean air conditioner filters, washing machine and dryer filters, exhaust fans and ceiling fans regularly.

Changing of light globes throughout the property is a tenant responsibility.

Please check irrigation system throughout the tenancy to ensure they do not block and remain in good working order.

Any maintenance arranged by the tenant will be at the tenant’s cost unless it is proven to be an extreme emergency undertaken after normal business hours.

If you require the maintenance contractor to attend a routine call out to your property, outside of normal business hours, you will be required to pay any afterhours call out fee. Additionally, if arrangements are made for you to provide access to the premises and this appointment is not met, any callout out or service fee charged by the contractor will be passed on for payment.



Cyclones are a part of life in the Northern Territory, we thoroughly recommend you make yourself aware of the stages and warnings and ensure you are prepared and have the knowledge you will require during these times. See our useful links tab to see more information on Cyclones. http://www.pfes.nt.gov.au/Emergency-Service/Publications-and-forms.aspx

There’s a brochure for your information that details what you should expect and what your cyclone kit should consist of.

TIO provide an SMS warning alert. Simply go to the TIO Website www.tiofi.com.au/alerts and click on the Weather alerts registration link to sign up.

Do not become complacent, they can be extremely dangerous.


After Hours Emergencies

Please note, emergencies are considered a danger to a person, a health risk or could be damaging to the building or property. They could also include the safety and security of the property and tenant.

All other maintenance requests will need to be reported to your property manager in writing during office hour.

Should you ever require after hours emergency repairs, please contact the following persons:

Electrical – SEM – 1300 205 494

Plumbing – John Day Plumbing – 08 89818193

Locksmiths – Darwin Lock & Key – 08 8948 1966

JACANA Energy – 1800 448 894

NT Emergency Services – 08 8922 3630

Should your call to your Property Manager not be answered, please leave a detailed message including the property address and contact details, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Should you call an after-hours contractor directly, please ensure that your situation is an emergency as the callout fee may be passed on to you for payment. If you are unsure, please ask the contractor over the phone before they attend to assist them in determining the emergency.


The landlord’s insurance and liability does not cover your personal effects in any circumstance.

We strongly recommend that you take out your own Contents Insurance.


You will receive a copy of the Condition Report and if furnished, an Inventory upon the commencement of the tenancy and should check both reports thoroughly.

Should you find any variance with either report, please note this on the report and return to our office within five business (5) days of receipt.

Processing of amendments on Property Condition Reports / Inventories will be in accordance with Part 5 Residential Tenancies Act as in force June 2015. This information is provided in the Copy of “A Guide to Renting in the Northern Territory” also available in our useful links tab.

Please advise if you require clarification of this process.


Where a tenant of a property wishes to vacate and have another person take over their obligation of the lease, the new person must first apply to become an approved tenant. The owner and the agent must be satisfied that the affordability is sustainable and only after written approval is given can a new agreement or a Memorandum of Variation to the Tenancy Agreement be drafted. However, a change of tenant may only occur where there is at least one of the original tenants remaining in the property. If not, then a full vacate inspection must be carried out and new tenancy commenced. There will be an administration fee payable to the agent to vary a tenancy.

Under legislation, any change in tenancy can only can only be agreed to in the event that at least one of the original occupants remains in the property.

A memorandum of variation to the original lease must be signed by all parties, including the outgoing occupant before any new occupation can occur.


Routine inspections will be carried out approximately six to eight weeks after you move in and approximately every 16 weeks thereafter. You will be notified by email or mail (or both) of the pending appointment. Should the scheduled time be inconvenient, please contact your property manager to arrange an alternative time, or send permission for us use of our office keys.


All mail delivered to the premises which does not belong to current occupants should be marked “Return to Sender” and placed in a post box,

Please ensure your mail is re-directed at the conclusion of your Tenancy.


Please advise immediately of any and all changes to contact details. Both after hours and business hours contact details are required. Any changes to employment must also be advised. This assists with maintenance being attended to without delay.


At commencement of lease the tenant will be provided with at least one full set of keys to the property. On vacating the premises the tenant is obliged to return all keys to our office at or prior to the final inspection.

Tenants are not authorised to have any additional keys cut without prior permission.

Your tenancy DOES NOT TERMINATE until ALL keys have been returned.

Failure to return keys will result in additional rent being charged and / or the cost of changing locks and new keys issued.


Instructions will be sought from the owner approximately 6 weeks prior to the lease expiry, you will receive a letter or email from our office advising of the pending expiry and request notification of your intention to either vacate or extend your lease. Please ensure you advise our office if you will be renewing your Tenancy or vacating at least 16 days prior to your lease expiry,

A minimum of (14) days notice of your Intention to Vacate and this notification must be in writing.